Holley Hyler

Twin Flame Writer

Portfolio of Published Work

Please note: If you intend to post quotes, excerpts, or entire works from any of the below, I am flattered and would love that, but please acknowledge the original journal/website that published the work in addition to crediting me. Thank you so much!


Sunflowers in Her Hands | The Urban Howl | October

A Heart’s Insatiable Longing, Chapter 1 (The Clarion Call) | Z Publishing | September

Why I Ghosted My Best Friend | Rebelle Society | July

after your lobotomy | Anti-Heroin Chic | July

Alone, Not Lonely: An Old Soul’s Reflections on Human Bonds | Thought Catalog | April

What Dies Inside While We Wait for Validation? | Thought Catalog | April

When You Feel Deeply & They Don’t | Thought Catalog | March

Conscious Emotional Walls for Empaths | Sivana East | March

Clytie | Adelaide Voices Literary Contest | February

5 Important Takeaways from the Twin Flame Journey | Sivana East | January


Twenty-Seven | Adelaide Literary Magazine | November

Fleeting & Flaming | Rebelle Society | October

Nonlinear | Adelaide Literary Awards Anthology 2017 | June

Unsent Letter | Adelaide Literary Magazine | March


Meditation Session | Buck Off Magazine | May

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