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What’s That She’s Doing? | March 2018

March 13, 2018


In non-writing news, I bought a ukulele last week . . . Check out my Lana Del Rey uke cover on the sidebar!

Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday.

I have decided to start making informative posts every few months or so to share updates regarding publications or insights I’ve had while working on projects. This is not something that comes naturally to me – I generally don’t like to talk about myself or what I’m working on – but I’ve been getting intuitive nudges that it is time for me to step out of my comfort zone in this regard.

First, I’d like to mention that I entered the Adelaide Voices Literary Contest back in December. I submitted a poem, entitled “Clytie,” that is based upon the mythology of the sunflower. I didn’t win, but I was a finalist again (I was also a finalist in 2017), so that means my poem made it into the Voices issue. It doesn’t appear that the print or electronic versions are out yet, but I will post news on that when I have it.

This morning, I had a new article published in Sivana East, an online magazine that accepts writing on topics related to holistic health and spirituality. The article is called “The Importance of Conscious Emotional Walls for Empaths.” It explains what an empath is and why it is so important that we maintain healthy emotional boundaries with others, while being compassionate.

Lastly, and if you enjoy self-help articles like the one above, you may be interested in an article about addiction to specific emotions that I put out last week. Here, I go into the importance of holding a steady vibe in the tumultuous sea of harsh energy that we all experience on a daily basis. Recognizing that energies and emotions are temporary, and fully integrating that into one’s awareness, can really help when those intense mood dips happen.

That’s it for now. Thank you for reading, commenting, and subscribing – I really do appreciate it more than you know!

Lots of Love,


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  1. Interesting reads! And as far as the ebb and flow of life (good days and bad), going to bed upset and waking up in the same mood (be it single or in a relationship) is about one of the worst things one can do. Sleep it out, dream it out, wash it out (in the shower) and come on back (to real life)!

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