Holley Hyler

Twin Flame Writer

Had I Known

April 15, 2018

Had I known

the last time I saw

you would truly

be the last,

I would have listened to you

a little longer,

hugged you

a little harder.

This is true,

but this knowing

would have stolen

from us, the gift of presence;

I would have been wondering

if I listened long

and well enough,

if I hugged you hard enough.

Engrossed in those questions,

I may not have observed you

well enough to remember

the way you smiled at me

before I got in the car to leave.

I may have missed the peace

in your eyes when I turned

and looked back at you,

that one last time.

And so it is better

that sometimes we

do not get to

say goodbye.

I felt you,

in the night.

Before you transitioned,

your tears became mine.

I am all right now

because I get to


your smile.

I miss you and love you, Mom. Rest well.

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