Lion’s Gate Message for Twin Flames in Separation

The Spark of the Original LoveThe True Twin Flame Mirrorchanneled by Holley Hyler


I received this message yesterday, during the powerful Lion’s Gate energy. It felt like a message from me to my divine masculine, but please interpret as your intuition guides you. If you are drawn to this message, there is a reason. Trust and detach, center yourself, and when you are ready, read further…

My Love. There is nothing you can do or be that would ever make me stop loving you.
We are apart physically now, and we have been for some time. This finite human existence is restricted by so many rules. One cannot realize how restrictive all of this is until he has tasted true freedom – and we all have, so it is merely a matter of remembering. We forget more than we remember, but when we look into each other’s eyes, we remember what it is to be free. What a pity it is that we cannot see each other more often, and there are many times that I wish we had not chosen this.

I have unlearned my discontent and replaced it with the Knowing of what it is to be perfectly Whole in this moment, needing nothing for a sense of completion. I no longer desire to cease existing when this life does not go as I would like, but there are times that I wish I could fade into nothing, nothing except the pure love which I am and always have been, which I do not need to achieve or deserve or any other word that implies love is something earned that is not our natural and God-Given Inheritance. When we incarnate into a healthy human body, we do not question having skin, or eyes, or hair, or blood, so why would we question the love that we are, that does not decay when we have left our bodies? Energy cannot expire or decay – it can only be transmuted, but every energy in its original, perfect state, is LOVE.

I know it is an illusion to miss you or to feel jealous over the idea of you being “with” anyone else physically. As souls, we are all with each other all the time, and if we are not, we easily can be with consciousness of how together we are, all the time, as souls.

There is no judgement intended toward you or the one you choose to partner with in this human lifetime. There is no disrespect intended toward you who find meaning in committed human relationships. But similarly, let there be no shame toward those who find only more aspects of separation in these relationships – more ways of setting apart, of declaring something “mine” or “yours,” of exclusion, of making it “right” for one person to love and “wrong” for another person to love. When we are overcome by any emotion in the human body, it can encompass a longing to express that emotion with or through the body, which is why we feel an intense desire to make love to twin flames or certain soulmate connections when we are both in human form. Yes, sometimes even those who already have committed partners and rules surrounding what both parties in the relationship can do apart from each other. This is not mere lust – it is the body’s way of recognizing two souls that know each other very well.

Souls come with no rules. When I look into your eyes, I remember this. I become quiet within and feel content simply to exist and breathe in the same space as you. It is a love that has nothing to do with possession, although sometimes the contrast between what the human aspect feels and what the soul feels can be so great, it drives us to tears in longing over one another. Longing for that original love, the spark of which we see in each other’s eyes, which we have such trouble remembering on our own. This is what we truly mirror for one another and what is meant by the twin flame mirror.

My Love. There is nothing you can do or be that would ever make me stop loving you. When we are separated physically, I beseech you to remember this.

Author: Twin Flame Writer

I read Tarot and perform energy healing. I want to help you raise your vibration and get you in touch with what you love.

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