Portfolio of Published Work

Please note: This is not my entire catalog of work, but I am sharing the ones that I am most proud of, that still feel most resonant with me, or that have the most potential to be helpful. If you intend to post quotes, excerpts, or entire works from any of the below, I am flattered and would love that, but please acknowledge the original journal/website that published the work in addition to crediting me. Thank you so much! If you would like to request my entire catalog of published work, please e-mail me.


Staying the Path on the Twin Flame Journey | Sivana East | December

How My Twin Flame’s Unavailability Helped Me Level Up | Sivana East | October

Sunflowers in Her Hands | The Urban Howl | October

A Heart’s Insatiable Longing, Chapter 1 (The Clarion Call) | Z Publishing | September

after your lobotomy | Anti-Heroin Chic | July

Alone, Not Lonely: An Old Soul’s Reflections on Human Bonds | Thought Catalog | April

What Dies Inside While We Wait for Validation? | Thought Catalog | April

When You Feel Deeply & They Don’t | Thought Catalog | March

Conscious Emotional Walls for Empaths | Sivana East | March

Clytie | Adelaide Voices Literary Contest | February

5 Important Takeaways from the Twin Flame Journey | Sivana East | January


Twenty-Seven | Adelaide Literary Magazine | November

Fleeting & Flaming | Rebelle Society | October

Nonlinear | Adelaide Literary Awards Anthology 2017 | June

Unsent Letter | Adelaide Literary Magazine | March


Meditation Session | Buck Off Magazine | May