Holley Hyler

Twin Flame Writer

Real thoughts. Real life. It’s not always love and light, because it doesn’t have to be.

This blog contains stories of things I’ve learned and events that have happened to take me more deeply into my healing journey. I share them because I think we all find it refreshing when someone is able to be real. I know I do.

Seeing the rawness of another lets us connect our humanity to theirs. We see our own loss of a loved one through their experience; we see our own hearts mirrored in countless stories, fiction or non-fiction, that exist today. We see how the writer lives with their despair, or even anger, and we have new hope for ourselves.

Many of us become angered, and rightly so, by motivational coaches and self-help gurus who claim that depression is not real. I feel it is true that we have the power to transform our thoughts over time, but we cannot always control how we feel. When someone you love is gone, words cannot describe the feeling of that loss. And can you control that feeling? No. You can numb it, but you can’t erase it or refuse it entirely, no matter how many mantras you try or how many yoga or meditation classes you attend. Escapes can be wonderful, but they don’t work all the time.

Story is an extremely powerful healer.

It takes courage to write stories that are so real, but it takes courage to read them, too. Especially when there is a wealth of material out there that exists for when you want a mindless escape.

That you chose my content means a great deal to me. I also work as a Reiki practitioner and would love to help you understand and integrate your light and shadow sides, embracing all there is to this human existence that we find ourselves in.

Please feel free to peruse my portfolio, or go right over to my healing blog on this site to see if anything calls to you. I also have a Facebook page that is the same name as my book, A Heart’s Insatiable Longing.



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