Force of Nature

Some love comes in like a force of nature. You cannot hope to survive it, and you do not hope. You cling to what feels like stability until it is washed away, and you die with it. As you die, you think, with desperate longing, “If only I could have kissed him, once.” You think, “Does he care that I am washing away?” The wind whispers, It does not matter. But how can that be, when it seems to be the only thing that matters? What you think is hope keeps you breathing, though it is faint. Finally, you realize there is nowhere left to go, that hope was the shadow of need. Your heart is tired, and you long to drown. So you do.

Some love comes in like the gentle waves on the beach, before the moon is full. When you wake in the morning, you hear the waves lapping in the distance. You know where you are. As you glance out of the window, the sun kisses the water, planting the fire of passion in your heart. It is not a passion that cries out for release. It is curious; it is playful. It encourages you to see where your heart wants to take you next. You think, “I would like to kiss her.” The part of you that longed and needed has died. When you hold her hand, it is only a reminder that you can always go home. So you do.

© Holley Hyler | January 2018