Weekly Tarot Energy Forecast – February 11 – 17


The Tarot energy of the week is the 3 of Swords, 9 of Wands, and 5 of Pentacles. A triple whammy of healing energy. I feel that this is about how we choose to look at things combined with the difficulty we sometimes face in focusing on our desired outcome.

Your mind will always have some answer as to why something you wanted didn’t work out before and why it still isn’t occurring. A lot of times, we blame ourselves for not being good enough, for not deserving that outcome, for not working hard enough to get it. We can even re-live a singular moment that happened years ago, over and over again, and then that’s the vantage point from which we create. The figure in the 9 of Wands is looking over at that broken heart and keeping a defensive stance. I’ve done this myself and seen others do it — we say that we are over a situation or relationship, but we re-create it daily in other relationships that would otherwise be harmonious. Or we can even take a past version of someone and project it in the present over and over. Wouldn’t you say you’ve changed in the last year or maybe even in the last month? If we continually use the mind and logic to approach problems, we only create more of the same.

The people in the 5 of Pentacles are plodding along in the snow, completely ignoring the sanctuary they pass. How might you have been looking but not seeing? You can completely bypass these unpleasant energies just by maintaining clarity of your vision and training your brain to focus more on love and joy. I’m not saying it’s easy (it can be), but it is necessary if we are to stop growing spiritually through pain and trauma. I feel you are ready for a more joyful way of traveling and growing. You just need to choose it. It’s up to you. I can help you, but no one can choose for you. Stop believing in lack. Lack isn’t real. There is only absence of something from your reality. You 100% have the ability to change that absence of whatever it is you want.

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