Helping Others ~ Channeled Message

This message was channeled via my guide, the one I call White Swan. To read the story about how she came to me, please see this post. The question I asked her was, “Why are so many people asking me for help all of a sudden? Am I wrong not to answer them all?” The following message will be helpful for empaths.

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My Self-Healing Journey & Truth


This weekend, I went to Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), Basic & Intermediate level classes, taught by Sheila Tillich. Both Saturday and Sunday were packed with valuable information that heightened my intuition and helped me to make more sense of things in my life. IET is a healing modality, like Reiki but of a different vibration. You can Google it if you wish to know more. This blog post is going to be more about my personal experience and how I came to be here.  Read More

Invisibility: The Inner Light, Stifled

When I say, “I feel invisible,” I am not throwing myself a pity party or lamenting that no one at a social gathering wants to talk to me, although this may have been true before my understanding and levels of perception evolved. Read on for my perspective, explained, and some soul-soothing tips for empaths.

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