Sensitive Being, Take Heart


This is for those of you who view your sensitivity as a curse. What a torturous sensation it can be, when you feel so deeply and seem to be alone in this, those around you questioning your sanity and even your level of maturity. Somewhere in your life, someone has invalidated your depth of feeling or made you feel “wrong” for expressing it, even if your way of expressing it was not damaging and you were simply stating facts or being authentic. There are many tactics that emotionally abusive people can use, and it is important to know that they do this because they are unable to process their own pain. Often, they are not intending to be or are unaware that they are being emotionally abusive, and they make you feel “wrong” because that is their way of self-soothing.

Perhaps you have allowed your difficult emotions to build until they exploded out of you, felt humiliated, and this created a trauma. However you got to a point where you learned it was wrong to express your sensitive and sweet nature, it does not matter, but it does matter that it has created trauma within your being. It does matter if you are considering closing your heart. It matters if you are finding external ways to numb what you feel, such as alcohol, overeating, too much television, or spending exorbitant amounts of money. I have been guilty of all the above. Read on for a deeper understanding…

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