A Crystal Tear of Utmost Beauty ~ Channeled Message

crystal tear
Source: Pixabay

Be soft with your heartache.

There is a part of you that loves them still. With time, the blazing fire in your heart turned to a flicker before going out entirely. What did this? The careless remarks, the disappointments, the betrayals, the times they did not mirror the truth of YOU, which is LOVE. The Core of your feeling for them remains, however. This does not mean the spark can be re-lit, in most cases. The Core remains because it is your essence, which is LOVE, and this person shared so many significant human experiences with you. Many of you, Sweet Souls, operate on the belief that your love for another must be completely erased, their imprint on your soul removed, before you can move on to the next. Love is not this linear experience that you would like it to be and have understood it to be in the past, and you grow disappointed in yourself when you cannot force it to be so.

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Choose or Consume

Photo Aug 06, 5 41 31 PM
Rainbow Falls, Watkins Glen State Park, NY. Photo taken by Holley Hyler.

Why does your heart break
and close?

Because you take “not right now”
as “never.”
Because you take “no” to that
as to yourself.

You think of all the times
they did not say “I love you” back,
and forget the times they did.

You thought “I love you”
had to be said with words,
and neglected the times it was
said with a look, a breath, a touch.

You called your heart stupid,
your yearnings trivial,
closed your ears to the voices
who encouraged you.

Stop that.

You’re human, yes,
but not a porcelain doll.

You don’t have to
close your eyes to ugliness,
nor must you
hold a magnifying glass to it.

Don’t let anything consume you,
unless it is love.

If it is truly love,
it won’t.

© Holley Hyler | August 2017

Two Loves, True Love

Sonnenberg Gardens
Japanese Garden, Sonnenberg Gardens, Canandaigua, NY. Photo taken by Holley Hyler.

maybe I met you
and you loved me
within a dream.

maybe that dream
was truer for me than anything
backed by flesh, blood, and bone.

maybe I have never
loved like that
in my waking hours.

maybe your lover and I
do not have to compete
because there is nothing to win.

my love for you does not
become false because I
am apart from you.

hers is not made truer
by the fact that she is
with you.

maybe there does not
have to be anything
wrong about that.

there does not need
to be “another woman,”
a guilty party, a chosen one.

there are only
two souls who love
you deeply, one in

waking life,
one in dreams.

© Holley Hyler | August 2017